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Point Pleasant church of Christ History

Point Pleasant church of ChristThe congregation of the Pt. Pleasant church of Christ began in 1955 when a small group of Christians started meeting in the Junior Order Hall in Ludlow, KY. In the summer of 1955, the congregation learned of a vacant church building in Hebron.

The vacant church building was built on an acre of land that was deeded to the Church in 1843. The original building was constructed from bricks made right on the property. The building was located beside a toll road that went from Constance, a river town on the Ohio River, to Burlington which was the county seat. Early in the 1900’s the original building burned and was replaced by a much more elaborate building.

The new building was dedicated in the fall of 1914. The congregation prospered and had members that drove from as far as Ludlow by buggy to attend the services. Around 1938, problems arose in the congregation. The young people withdrew leaving only a few older members. Within weeks, the congregation was forced to close the doors.

The members of the Point Pleasant church of Christ inspected the abandoned building in 1955 and decided it could be renovated. All the windows were replaced, the floors were sanded, electricity was added, a furnace was put in and classrooms were partitioned in the basement.

Point Pleasant church of ChristIn May 1956, the building was ready. The first service was held in the newly renovated building with 22 members present. Those members included Ernest Denham, Jeanette Denham, Ralph Denham (preaching), Margaret Denham, Diana Denham Johnson, Denise Denham Savage, Tootsie Reeves, Ronnie Reeves, Marsha Reeves, Lee Denham, Elizabeth Denham, Jack Denham, Vicky Denham, Ethel Baker, Patti Baker, Linda Baker Callahan, Florence (Granny) Reed, Bill Tungate, Corine Tungate, Jack Darlington, Ruth (Denham) Darlington, Martha Darlington Yerkes. Denise, Tootsie, Marsha & Elizabeth remain active members of the congregation. We appreciate their faithful and dedicated service to the Lord.

The congregation continued to meet in the renovated building until 1970 when the Highway Department demolished the building to create I-275. The building used to sit almost in the west bound lane of I-275 just past Minneola Pike. It was then that Ernest and Jeanette Denham donated an acre of land to the Church for a new building. The building was constructed on the donated land and the congregation still meets there today.

When Brother Ralph Denham brought the lesson to the congregation in 1955, he was doing so until a “preacher” could be identified and hired. He became the preacher that was identified and continued to bring the message from God’s word for 50 years until his death in 2005. During those 50 years, the congregation flourished growing in number from the original 22 to an average attendance of 55.

Point Pleasant church of ChristChanges occurred in the summer of 2006. Brothers and sisters from the Burlington church of Christ were invited to visit with the congregation at Point Pleasant while they were considering their options after losing the lease on the building in which they had been meeting. The Burlington congregation had been meeting together since March 2003. This congregation was comprised of approximately 20 very active and dedicated families. At the first combined worship service, there were 132 people present. After two weeks, 46 people placed membership at Point Pleasant. Since that time, more have been added and average attendance is up to 113.

This is an exciting time in the Lord’s Church. We have much work to do and many people willing to do it. We are hopeful and prayerful about our situation and are striving to do God’s will in the Church and the community.